Friday, December 31, 2010

Akka with Sonia and Manmohan

Sonia Gandhi was in a hurry to meet ManMohan singh on an important discussion.  She called him over satellite phone, but was not reachable, she tried on his land line..but it was no use.  Then she called his secretary, but secretary said from last few days he was unreachable. 

With a frustration, and dejection, she came down to her residence.  Sitting quietly and thinking what to do, then she saw an post-it note on her laptop saying..please call ********91, and the note carried Manmohan Singh name.  She was surprised, so far, Manmohanji had given all his numbers, how come this I didn’t get, with this surprise she called that number, then the dialogues happened is as detailed below.

Sonia : Is this ***********91

That side : Yes, tell me (a female voice)

Sonia : Can I speak to Manmohan Singh

That side : No, He is not there, sorry wrong number

Sonia : I found this number on a post-it on my Laptop, and with a note Please call – Manmohansingh

That side : Madam, may I know who is this

Sonia : Am Sonia Gandhi, RPM of india.

That side: RPM means

Sonia : Oh Oh…what is this, I want to enquire about Manmohansingh, but you are interrogating me.  Tell who are you? Has he spoken to you any chance, can you tell me where he is.
That side : Oh ya, he came here, he wanted to check his EPF account, he got the answer and went off.

Sonia : Can  you give his contact number?

That side : at present he is reachable on ********8

Sonia : Ok, I will reach him, and she dials that number

Manmohan Singh : Hi Soniaji, how are you?

Sonia : Hi Manmohan Singhji, where are you, am tracing for you from many hours, what happened.

Manmohansingh : Ya,sorry madam, today is last day of the year 2010, and the whole world celebrates this day as new year eve, and on this day, I wanted to wish one person who is fortunate to born on this day, and which whole world celebrates.  She is none other than busy lady in the Koravangala Group – Black Long Hair antha…

Sonia : What, what is the meaning of the name Black Long Hair

Manmohansingh : Wait, I will put her on telecall, you can ask her only, and he connects

Sonia :Hi, wish you a wonderful happy birthday, I would like to know the meaning of what manmohan singhji is telling.

That side : Ooh..that is easy, It is as easy riding a scooty, without 
any mirror.  Black=Krishna, Long hair=Veni…so Krishna Veni.

Both Manmohan Singh, Sonia pulls all their cabinet ministers, and orders a big cake, with a quote on the cake

“Please contact for any HR, ESI, PF, Labour Act, VAT, Central Excise, Service Tax, Income Tax, Life Insurance…..Black Long Hair, and Wonderful wishes on her birthday”

Let us wish the busy lady of our family a wonderful day on her day.

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