Friday, December 17, 2010

Wonder couple Jnaneshwara+Asha=Jnanasha

Tree - Hi Grass, how are you, am really grateful to you, without you, icant grow tall, and i cant hold My roots properly.

Grass - Hi Tree, no thanks and all, we are good friends, with out you, i would have dried in the scorching sun, flow of rains, and chilling wind, you are the one who is standing tall and protecting us.

Tree- Let me understand, you so short in height, but still, you are strong enough to hold your ground, how it is possible

Grass- It shows, power, and knowledge doesnt depend on the heights, it depends on the heights of knowledge,  Like our Jnaneshawara,his name itself, says, he is the king of  knowledge, but still he is humble, quick witted, sense of humor is high, that is the attitude i have, so i can hold my ground strongly

Tree- Sooper interpretation, i like this, 

Grass- Let me understand, you are so tall, you have so many branches, but still you unite all and give shadow to all who rests beneath you, how this is possible

Tree-It is because, i have n number of branches, but all branches shows  the various knowledge anyone posses, like Devi in Koravangala Family,  if you look at her sparkling eyes, automatically  you will fold your hands and salute her, she is good in fine arts let it be dance, music, arts and crafts, you name it, she possess  the  knowledge.  But all these knowledge are deep rooted in her.  In the same way, i too have same root, but varieties of branches.

Grass-I guess, today is something special in their life, the Jnana=Root of              knowledge, and Asha= The desire to acquire the knowledge became Jnanaasha on this day, three years back.  So it is their D-Day

Tree & Grass-To hold the tree grasses are there...when grasses are will get hold the knowledge and desire both are faces of the same coin.

All the grasses had a nice swing to generate breezy cool wind, the branches of the tree, the leaves, the flowers, the fruits filled the path of Jnanasha to wish them a wonderful moments on their wonderful day.

Wish you a wonderful anniversary for a wonderful couple in our family

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