Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Call from Tele-marketter

Tele-caller (Male) : Hello Sir, May i speak to Mr.Srikanth

Sri : Yes, Sri here

Tele-caller : Can I take your few minutes

Sri : What for, regarding

Tele-caller : Am calling from Standard Chartered Bank, your name had been selected for Plantinum card, with higher credit limit, insurance bla..bla...

Sri : Am Married

Tele-caller : Long pause.......after 20 seconds, he talks again " Sir this call is from the bank, not from matrimonial"

Sri : I know

Tele-caller: I didnt get you?

Sri : Am married, my wife is there, so i don't require a credit card

Tele-caller : Sir, even married people also uses credit card

Sri : But, i know to handle only one liability at a time..Thanks for calling

Tele-caller : A big laugh, and says " Nice talking to you"