Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cups and Plates a conversation on Dec 31st.

A Wonderful conversation between paper plates, paper cups in Cafeteria

Plate : Hi are you, we had a nice time of leisure holidays!

Cup : Hi Plates, am fine! As you said, really it is a wonderful break for us…but the otherway around, am feeling sad coz of holidays.

Plate : Hey..why are you feeling sad, what happened?

Cup : All these days, we two were helping people in cafe to quench their hunger and thirsty, but during these days, we couldn't serve them.

Plate : No, don’t think in that way, this break is a welcome break for all of us.  People enjoying holidays, and when they return to café, we would standing to serve them all the way…and you should see their eyes with glow you will realize, how grateful people in cafe are!

Cups : ha, I think you are right plate, let us wait for Jan 3rd, and am getting robust energy to serve them all the way.

Plates, Cups, Tissues, Water Cans, Café utensils, spoons, forks all join in a chorus, to welcome the people in cafe to wish them a happy new year.


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