Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shashi + Prathibha = God sent Couples

When BSNL was making some of loss due to poor utilization of their landline, there comes a time when

Bombay used to get flooded with Rains from Arabbi Samudra cyclone….and flooded calls from a cool breeze from Malur

Went on , and went on, Karantaka telecome circle made a big money during those hey days…

And finally on 30th November 1998, There was a big deal happened between Narasapura Family and Malur Family.  And the bill payment to telecom circle slowly came down, but but

The love which was bloomed during those days, continue to occupy all their good friends, famly circle nicely…

So today we are fortunate to celebrate one such wonderful couple of our era celebrating their good times.

Shashi, Prathi the god gifted couples have a wonderful day and year ahead, our wishes, assurance all with you..

Have a great day.