Sunday, December 26, 2010

Anna - Nammanna

A Scene from Mahabharatha during Kamsa Rule, after giving birth  to Krishna, Vasudeva as per the divine instructions, he decides to shift the child to Yashoda in Mathura. 

After coming joining back Devaki, the dialogues happened between Devaki and Vasudeva

Devaki : Swami, our 7th child also not with us, what to do. He was born in Rohini Naksatra, Vrushabha Rashi, don’t know, any one will born with that star power with this kind of dashing entry in to this world

Vasudeva : Not to worry much on this, always people will born with star and power.  It repeats in all the yugas.  Don’t worry.  As per what krishna told me, when I was crossing the Yamuna river, in my ears, there is one fortunate kid, who is going to born to Shiva-Parvathi, on the 26th Day of December 1966..and...  

Devaki : Really swami, I can’t believe this.

Vasudeva : Yes, Devaki, he will bring fortune to shiva-parvathi.   And he will be the bundle of knowledge when it comes to taxation, and he will be known for meticulous planning, patience and perseverance.

Devaki : Ooh wonderful, i wish him all the success, and also I urge his grandfather Rangaswamy to name him as Vasudeva aka Vijayakrishna. 

Vasudeva : That is so kind of you devaki, let us wish Vasudeva aka Vijayakrishna a wonderful birthday, let his ambitions, desires comes true on this day and forever.

The blessed flowers, garlands showers on the blue eyed boy of our family who is elder in all respects.

Let us join our hands on this memorable day for him, the success and happiness follows like a shadow in the light.

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