Sunday, December 12, 2010

Two stalwarts in their own backyards

The dialogues between two stalwarts in their own back yard.

Character A :  After the movie Endhiran, people set the standard  
                         too high for me, I don’t know how to take up the  
                         next role

Character B : That is easy man, sign for a movie with new director,  
                        coz, now  by this time, all of your directors used 
                        their creative energy to glorify you and your 
                        mannerisms, only new director can pump in the 
                        required enthusiasm to create magic with your star

Character A : ya, I guess, what you are pointing is the right thing, 
                        that’s great idea.  Appreciate your ideas

Character B : Hey no worries, there is no need to say thanks, 
                        appreciation and all, after all are good friends.

Character A : I heard from one of my friend, who has similar name 
                        of mine,  in Sarjapura outer ring road that, you are  
                        organizing so many events, fund raising concepts 
                        with innovative ideas, why can’t you write a   
                        innovative script for me.  I will extend whatever  
                        support you require.

Character B: Me, writing scripts, don’t joke, I used to write, but 
                       only on small canvas not on a big man like you.
                       No, I guess, I cant, don’t force me

Character A : hey no, you can do it, take this 1 Million Dollar as 
                       advance on your birthday, and start writing script 
                       for me, will start the shooting in the year end 

Character B : That’s nice of you, you remember my Birthday, 
                        that’s great, am too happy by your gesture, you are  
                        a super star and you remember my d-day, so nice of 
                        you, don’t worry, I will do as requested, I will make 
                        sure you will stand above the expectation level of 
                        your fans

Character A :  and finally many many happy returns of the day, 
                         wish you a wonderful day, year ahead.

Character B:  Hey thank you so much, here is the surprise package 
                        for you, a well written script for your next movie, on  
                       your wonderful birthday.

Character A : That’s great, what a friendship is ours, we share the 
                        same day as our birthday, super, this is called the 
                        real gem in our friendship. Thank you once again, 
                        wish you a wonderful birthday, and new year ahead

Character B : Wish you too a wonderful birthday, and new year 
                        ahead, please let me know when we can start the 
                        shooting of the new movie. 

Character A : I will mail you the details, to the alias, 

Character B : Ok, let us meet again on the muhurath day of your 
                        next venture

Two wonderful people sharing the same day as their birthday...let us wish them a wonderful happiness, life filled happiness, and a glorious new year year ahead.

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