Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Nightingale is not singing from 23rd April 2011

The residents of Kumaraswamy Layout, Uttarahalli banashankari residents set up a form, and brought a complaint to R. Ashok - Home Minister of Karnataka.  The discussion was as below

R. Ashok : Hello everybody, tell whats your issues

Residents: This is the month of April, and Mango trees are well grown, fruits are better this month, inspite of all this, Nightingale bird is not singing

R. Ashok: Ok, this is a serious issue, has anyone tried to find out the route cause.

Residents : Yes, Sir, everything was ok till 22nd April 11, but from 23rd morning onwards Nightingale is not singing

R. Ashok: Then today is 27th April, what you people were doing so many days,

Residents: We tried found out the real reason, when we analysed, we found the reason that, Swathi is singing all the songs so effortlessly, after hearing that Nightingale decided she is a great singer, and it
stopped singing it seems

R. Ashok : Thats fine, but why it stopped from  23rd April 2011

Residents: It was the day Swathi born on this date, so cuckko realised that, and stopped

R. Ashok : Thats great, and also i appreciate you people's patience to sort out the issue, and find the route cause, not to worry, i will instruct the parents of Swathi to convince Cuckkoo, and also, on my behalf send swathi some great gifts, and also well wishes from our side. 
Wish swathi a belated birthday wishes due to the delay in information brought to my notice

Have a wonderful days of singing, and years ahead.

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