Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A Challenge in a different Style!!!

When you pack your bags and on a mission, you don't know where will get a curve, challenges, or rain or keep moving all the time...!

It happened like this, in the last week, I happened to attend a training session, and the take way was amazing.. i explicitly marked the experience in my blog.. you can find the link here!!!

The other interesting task was, cooking a story with randomly selected dies which has letter/picture on it. 

The trainer Mr. Kiran, selected bunch of students, and he wanted one more.. 10 seconds passed, since no one came forward, I was sitting in the front row, stood up and joined the bandwagon!!!

The team got the words/pictures as can be noticed in the picture attached :-)
The words of magic!

With little time or rather no time, we bunch of five made out some story...but somewhere in my heart, said..."sri you go for it..and do something for the nine words...they are crying for optimum utilisation!"

Normally a submissive character am.. walked up to my team mate, and asked to take a pic of the sheet where the information was available, and promised my team mates that, i would give different treatment for these jumble of words....!

So the results are you can find below!

An Advertisement for happiness :-)

A "VISITING CARD" said, we sell "TENT" of happiness, it removes your "SAD"ness, it creates "L"(Love) messages all around. It can make any heart "CLOCK" tick all the times, the world is a CARTOON channel, you walk with "WALKING 
STICK" of confidence, and get the confidence by looking at  "FISH" swims in the water.  You will have honey of happiness for your life from each moment like HONEY BEE sucks fragrance from every flower and makes bee hive!


Cracking Case!!!

A police officer arrives at the crime scene. A blood shed TENT looking scary.  He lights a cigarette, walks around, a VISITING CARD, with blood stains stuck greets him.   

The face of the body looked very SAD, it looked like before being butchered,  there was a struggle like a FISH out of water.

He gets near to the body with a hand kerchief covering his nose, a slit in the neck..but the gold chain is untouched, he looks around and suddenly "tim tim tim tim" a CLOCK starts screaming for its attention, cop cuts the noise, and finds the murder mystery interesting.  The neck had a gold chain dangling outside, fingers were lased with rings with a bright stones, one hand a had a gold bracelet with a HONEY BEE image embossed on it.  

The cop noticed a WALKING STICK, with a Letter L in a square, etched in gold,  on top of the handle, lying near the body. A cluster of blood stains indicated that he tried to hold on to it in the struggle for his life. Puzzled, he looks around, he finds a famous CARTOON character in pieces lying around. The cop bends down, and picks up the pieces covering his hands in a kerchief, and flips one of the piece.  His eyes illuminates with 1000 watts, he checks the visiting card again, it had a address of the shop, which sells antique puzzles. 

He collects all the pieces and start cracking the puzzle one by one as per the clue on the other side.  He finds it interesting.  In a minute he could able to crack the puzzle, but only one small slit remained open.  He looks around, looks at the stick, picks it up and puts the L mark near the uncompleted puzzle, and he screams hurray...!

Carefully tilts the head of the stick, to his surprise, it behaved exactly the way he thought, and slowly he bends the walking stick...his eyes started the diamonds rolling out from the walking stick!!!


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