Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Wishes for a great soul!!!!!

Water, Light, Tunnel, Rain....inspiration for the this world...

Water springs from a small vent in some corner of the mountain...but gradually it gathers momentum, takes anything and everything on its way, makes the land fertile to help the man kind to grow whatever they want.  
Light takes birth from the the travels all the way to earth in eight will light up everything it can, allows seeds, flowers, plants to blossom, creates many shadows for the shelter!!!
Tunnel gets in to any mountains, rocks to help the people to cross one barrier after the other...thus reducing the transit time in the travel.
Rain is the result of clouds cooking its food in its own sends water to the world of living beings to make their life better.
You are one such wonderful soul where you have the force of Water, speed of Light, generosity of a Tunnel, and free flow like the is my privilege  to wish you a wonderful moments on your birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Chay..Have a great days and years ahead!!!!

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