Monday, December 12, 2011

My Friend in Cisco - Sreedevi Subramanyam's Birthday

Laptop is eagerly waiting for chandini...

by the time deskphone decked completely in white and white getting ready to welcome chandini

Laptop : Today is our madam's birthday, the moment she logs in, I will sing "Happy Birthday" songs for her
IP Phone: Today I will make sure, every caller who will wish her, will hear your song

By that time chandini comes to the desk. She took out the laptop, and logged in
Laptop starts singing, and the message " Dear Chandini, wish  you a many more login's for the years, wish you wonderful great days ahead" getting displayed as screensaver.

by the time, desk phone rings..
Chandini says " Hello"...
Voice from that side "Wow chandini, this is something amazing, instead of boring trin trin...i could able to hear birthday had shown a great affection towards your desktop items.  See how they are showing their emotions, affections to you"

Chandini "ya, thats correct, these are all my lovely friends"...
with happy tears in her eyes..she says "thank you for the wishes wishes, will call you"

By the time whole BU comes pouring birthday wishes on chandini,

VP: It is my pleasure to shower praise, affection, wishes to Chandini who put her best foot in all the times for the Team, whether moving from SA to Campus, and subsequent changes due to business requirement..we all wish her a great days ahead"

Happy Birthday Chandini

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