Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pure Battler of Strength - Agnes Matilda

Enter the world of sea of friendship
Name is the truth behind the persona..
which describes that attitude's altitude. 
One such name was coined in the legendary Greek civilization.  

The discussion between two nomads during the great epics Illiad and Odyssey.

"The Pure form of strength is a good sign of success.   
 The name can be most preferred all over the world, 
 It stood at a prestigious third slot in all time high rankings."

"It is our fortunate fate that,  we have one such pure 
      battler of strength in our fold, it is great feeling 
                to be one in all...than all in one."

"That is true..when the intention and contention is pure 
  from the strength, anything and everything can be 

"June 23rd will be great turn around for us.  
      It will signifies, and the beginning for a successful career 
                all the way."

"How do you say that?"

"It is the day of our one such friend who boarded 
  our ship of friendship...and i always believe in the 
     saying "friend"ship" always sails on the dependen-SEA..."
The sea of soldiers aligned to wish a great years of success
"Oh oh..that is the reason the Soldiers in the Trojan war stopped battling, and they are wishing our friend Agnes Matilda a great success, happiness, and career.. that is a sign of success..."
The Trojan's stopped the battle to Wish Agnes a wonder birthday!!!!
"Yes are right...She is the change of strength in purest form..and do you know it is one such powerful name AGNES MATILDA the combination of these letters of words stood on top of most preferred names all the way..."

"Will wish her a great success, happiness all round the years ahead....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Wish you a great, great days of moments on your birthday!!!!!

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