Friday, June 17, 2011

Limelight in Shadow

She was little surprised.....when she started walking towards the god of light, 

She felt some one is following her......

folliwng the good always brings the best
 She just turned back, and couldn't see any one.....

Questions are what our life is made up of..find the answer in every turn
but again when she started walking, had the same feeling that she is being followed by someone.

She screamed, and yelled, but there was no response. But the feel of she is being followed by someone started growing......miles together.

During that time...the god of light came up..
Opportunity comes like a light from any corner!!!!
 and said.."dont worry you are walking with the properity (Shirish)..
Any symbol or language..prosperity remains same!!!!
am the god of light (Prakash)...
At the end of tunnel of darkness always there is light of opportunity!!!
the things which are following you from miles are your close buddies wealth & fortune(Sri),
When Sri is circling around in chakra...the fortune will be high.....
and Pure & Gentle happiness (Agnes)

True and pure form of affection makes us light in this world
"You are walking towards light with prosperity in hand and being followed by wealth and fortune with pure and gentle happiness around..
your day, days, weeks, years will be filled with joy and joy all the way........"

Wish you a wonderful day...wish you a wonderful birthday!!!!!!!


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  2. Hi Chay...... Once again happy birthday:-) Bro as usual ur comments r superrrrrrr:-)