Sunday, September 25, 2011

Light of glory meets boundless energy

A combination can be a mixture of two momentum bounded in one single frame...
Glory of Light (Yashdeep) with Boundless (Aditi)
The bond always happens above our zenith...
Love and affections are coded in heaven!!!!!

The right Ctrl+F will land us in the opportunity zone..
The search in the light always yields the results!!!!
One such ctrl+f brought our light of glory (Yashdeep) to get blended with boundless creation (Aditi)
Yashdeep's hand & Aditi's hand holding the moments of life!

The light always says there are boundless rays originated from me...
Boundless light in the glory of light!!!!

The boundless rays carrying light to the distant distance...
Light getting carried to distant parts
The mother of all names (Aditi) will get bonded  with the mother of hope  - The Glory of Light (Yashdeep) to make the moments beautiful, energetic...and extraordinary to create greatest symphony of music in the life!!!!
creating symphony of perfect music

Yashdeep & Aditi - the wonderful combination get in to a boundless lock of life...the wedding lock..

Have a great moments and momentum ahead!!!!

Trekking gang : hamare paas sleeping bag hai, back pack hai, chapathi's hai, bus reservation tickets hai........tere paas kya hai

Yashdeep : 
Mere pass boundless (Aditi) energy hai!!!!


  1. thanks a lot Sri....... you wrote a very nice usual .... thanks once again.....